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--- F E A T U R E S ---
➸  Adorable mini dress from the fabulous B. Altman department store on Fifth Avenue, NYC
➸  Shift silhouette 
➸  Fully buttons up the front
➸  Thick, woven linen jute fabric
➸  Pockets!

➸  Final photo most accurately represents true color of garment


--- M E A S U R E M E N T S ---
Fits like a medium/large
Waist: open up to 48" 
Hips: open up to 52"
Total length: 35"
Bust: 42"


--- D R E S S - F O R M - M E A S U R E M E N T S ---
Waist: 26" --- 66cm
Hips: 34" --- 87cm
Bust: 34" --- 86.5cm
Item was not pinned to dress form


--- L A B E L ---
➸ M.H. Fine co. John Weitz

Retailed by B. Altman & co. Fifth Avenue New York


--- C O N D I T I O N ---
➸ Excellent condition
➸ Ready to wear
➸ Very small orang spot on right shoulder


➸ Free USPS first class domestic shipping 


Why Choose Vintage?

   The idea of a vintage garment is so romantic. Try and imagine the stories of the women who have owned these pieces throughout the decades...what happened to these women while these items were being worn? Elated joy? Tragedy? Accomplishment? Adventure? What world history have these clothes witnessed? What corners of the earth have they traveled to? How did they all eventually end up in your wardrobe? What a journey they've all lived! It's positively fascinating, the stories that these garments could tell. It is my mission to give these garments another chance, so that you can continue their incredible stories. 

   When you choose vintage, you're not only adding a truly unique piece to your wardrobe,  you're also eschewing our culture of fast, disposable fashion - an industry which exploits slave laborers and produces massive amounts of pollution which wreaks havoc on our environment.

   Choose vintage for superior quality, a beautiful story, and taking a stand against the devastations of fash fashion.

1960s B. Altman Mini Shift Dress

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