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--- F E A T U R E S ---
➸ Hidden Zipper up the side
➸ Waist accented with a champagne colored satin
➸ Gorgeous silk covered buttons up the front with hidden double snap closure at the top
➸ Gathered waist
➸ Impeccable tailoring


--- M E A S U R E M E N T S ---
Fits like a small or medium
Shoulder to shoulder: 16" --- 41cm
Waist: 28" --- 71cm
Hips: 36" --- 91cm
Total length: 40" --- 101cm
Bust: 35" --- 89cm


--- D R E S S  F O R M   M E A S U R E M E N T S ---
Waist: 24" --- 61cm
Hips: 33.5" --- 85cm
Bust: 34" --- 86cm
Shoulder to shoulder: 14" --- 35cm
Item was not pinned to form


--- L A B E L ---
➸ Benham
New York


--- C O N D I T I O N ---
➸ Excellent condition
➸ Ready to wear
➸ Fresh from the cleaners


--- S H I P P I N G - R E T U R N S ---

➸  Free USPS first class domestic shipping within the United States

➸ Please contact me to arrange international shipments and receive a quote for shipping charges. Shipments going outside of the United States will only be shipped via Fedex.

➸  Please be aware that all items (unless otherwise noted) in this shop are vintage. Vintage is rarely ever perfect. I try my best to disclose all flaws found in garments, but it is possible to miss a small flaw from time to time. Please expect mild signs of wear...most of these garments are older than we are.
➸  Shop with care and feel free to ask questions, as all sales are final
➸  No returns are accepted unless an item has been grossly misrepresented
➸  Because great care is taken to provide accurate measurements on each garment, returns due to poor fit are not accepted

➸ The easiest way to determine if a garment will fit you is to lay flat one of your best fitting garments and compare those measurements to the ones in this listing
➸  If you have a question about the size or appearance of an item, contact me and I will happily send you more photos or take additional measurements


Why Choose Vintage?

   The idea of a vintage garment is so romantic. Try and imagine the stories of the women who have owned these pieces throughout the decades...what happened to them while these pieces were being worn? Elated joy? Tragedy? Accomplishment? Adventure? What world history have these clothes witnessed? What corners of the earth have they traveled to? How did they all eventually end up in your wardrobe? What a journey they've all lived! It's positively fascinating, the stories that these garments could tell. It is my mission to give these garments another chance, so that you can continue their incredible stories. 

   When you choose vintage, you're not only adding a truly unique story and garment to your wardrobe,  you're eschewing our culture of fast, disposable fashion - an industry which exploits slave laborers and creates tremendous amounts of pollution.

   Choose vintage for superior quality, a mysterious story, and to take a stand against the devastations of fash fashion.

1950s Formal Cocktail Dress | S/M

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