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Daily Vintage Style: January Wools

January 24, 2019

January is upon us, which means WOOL! All of my wools are coming out to play during this tiny window of time which we call winter in Los Angeles. Today I've chosen a beautifully tailored dress in a dusty rose color, from the 1940's. I purchased it years ago from an etsy shop based out of Baltimore. I wonder what fabulous woman was the original owner of this exquisite piece. Tailored to perfection, and in near mint had to be mine.

I also paint my nails approximately twice per year and the current shade of my lacquer just so happens to match the color of my dress exactly. Oh how I just love excessive femininity!

I've paired my dress with my trusty 3" grey suede pumps by BCBG. I'll tell you, and I suggest you really hear me when I say, please for the love of the fashion gods, do not seriously invest in any heel that is higher than 3" if you plan to walk any further than your boudoir to your bathtub in them. Shoes are meant to carry your lovely self through an entire day of your busy life. Few things are tackier, or more frustrating than having to be the woman that gives up on her footwear half way through the day. And as Marilyn Monroe said in one of my favorite films, 'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes', "Please! A lady never complains about her feet." Well said, Lorelei Lee.

Yes, of course fashion should look good, but my lord, it should FEEL good too. When you shop, try and opt for heels at a reasonable height so you can sail your way across any situation with confidence and grace. A woman should never got to battle with her clothes!

Yours truly,



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