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Daily Vintage Style

My bottomless wardrobe is really speaking to me in numerous tones of wool this winter, and my goodness, I am LISTENING. Today I've chosen a wool boucle cropped bolero jacket, paired with 1970's wool wide leg, flared, trousers that are just too marvelous. They make my legs look 8 feet long and I am with it! Tall women making themselves appear taller is just so striking to me. Absolutely nothing wrong with embracing the power of your size! No matter what size that might be. Accentuate yourself, your shapes your lines. Hold steadfast to the composition of your body. And if you aim to change your body, hold steadfast to the way it looks TODAY. Today you will be fabulous in whatever shape you hold...that is, if you choose the right wardrobe.

The ensemble started on a very Chanel note, so of course, I must finish the job by adding a long strand of pearls, and my vintage Chanel earrings that pair so well with almost everything. I have no shame in letting people think I am wearing Chanel head to toe. You can harness the beauty and grace of the great designers without spending a fortune. It just takes a bit of scavenging. And I, without question, am a shameless fashion scavenger. So yes, Chanel indeed. From head to toe, my outfit is remarkable, and tastefully funded on budget. I'm not a rich bitch, you see. Never have been. But I manifest an air of wealth through the art of style.

Yours truly,



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