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Daily Vintage Style

Winter in Los Angeles. It's a beautiful thing. No weather harsh enough to prove you miserably uncomfortable. Yet just the right amount of briskness to welcome the appearance of our aching wools and leathers, whom have barely survived buried in our closets during the immense heat of the endless summers. This is the time of year when FINALLY, all of my favorite accessories can come together in beautiful fashion harmony. This tragically small window of weather is my favorite season in the city of angels. I relish in the opportunity to wear my most beloved wardrobe pieces.

Today, I'm wearing one of my closest staple pieces, a 1940's wool cape by a designer called Daphne. I found it at Mercy Vintage (@mercyvintage), one of the very best vintage collections in California. I've paired it with 1950's leather gloves I acquired one glorious sunday afternoon in Bruges, Belgium...when I just so happened to stumble upon THE BEST VINTAGE MARKET IN EUROPE! I could go on and on about the endless treasures I found there, however I'll keep it brief. But do take note: if you EVER plan on being in Belgium and enjoy the thrill of the bygone eras like I do, you absolutely must treat yourself to an afternoon walking the entire mile of this unbelievable market. While everything is appeasingly reasonably priced, come prepared to spend your life savings, because there is an endless well of supreme vintage that will elevate your wardrobe or home to an impeccable degree. I have numerous accessory pieces I picked up here (1950's Dior, anyone?) and I find myself wearing them with exceeding regularity. This market is only on Sundays and it seems all of the vintage intellects of Europe flock there...and for good reason!

Anyhow, the outfit: my 1940's wool cape in green. I LOVE wearing green! It's my power color. The gloves, ohhhhhh! The sensuous gloves. The 1950's PERFECT leather pumps, which I also found at the Bruges market, and were immediately another wardrobe staple of mine after acquisition. I'm also wearing one of my silk scarves in this look. Available in my shop! Paired with statement earrings (always). And the hat, what a lovely design! Though it is contemporary, it's of course taking notes from the classic haberdasher styles. I have my shameless mirror selfie here so you can see the full effect of the outfit, but I also took the other Vogue style portraits as part of an ongoing series. Let me know what you think!

Head to toe, vintage ALWAYS works

Yours truly,



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